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About the Artist

​While growing up in a small country town, located in the North Eastern part of Nebraska, country music always had a special place in my heart. As I became older, I had the chance to move around the Midwest; I lived in Sioux City, IA, Denver, CO, and finally Sioux Falls. During my somewhat "nomadic" experiences, I encountered many different varieties of music and art. Through these experiences, I developed an original style of music resembling a mix between folk and pop. However, I am not limited to only folk and pop; I also enjoy playing cover's of some of my favorite artist
ranging from the good old classics to new age pop.
Music has always had a special place in my heart- the passion is evident in my voice.
I would consider myself to be a storyteller of sorts, telling the tales of my life through song.
The music I write is directly correlated to my experiences from faith, family, traveling, love, and life.